Sterling silver shaft and backing, purple and green vitreous enamel, 24K gold. 8 grams, 7.6 cm length.

Depicts ‘fa’, ‘so’ and ‘la’, three of the symbols from Aikin’s seven-shape ‘do-re-mi’ system of musical notation.

The construction of the shaft and attachment to the backing is similar to the construction of the salt spoon made earlier.

Salt spoon, sterling silver. 6 grams. Shown with pewter saltcellar made in 2013.

The right-angle structure of the attachment of the handle to the scoop was inspired by a spoon from the British Museum in London.

Here is how I closed the end of the square cross-section handle to get a rounded end.

Cufflinks. 9g sterling silver and vitreous enamel.

See the first attempt at the ‘stock’ cufflink head. The effort to melt gold filings into the enamel was not successful. Also, one corner saw a meltdown of the silver border. The same situation happened to a lesser extent in the tip of the arrowhead in the ‘flow’ cufflink. The effort to repair the tip with extra silver was partially successful, but shows a noticeable defect.

oslo-widePendant (15 g, 1/2 oz.), sterling silver and padouk, on sterling silver chain (6 g). Total weight: 21 g

oslo-closeEnd-on, reads ‘OSLO’.

See my notebook page showing the iterations of the design of this pendant. I apologize for my chicken-scratchings. I considered making the ‘S’ by drawing silver sheet through an S-shaped hole. Also, 3D printing. And, making all of the letters from round and half-round wire.


Gold and amethyst ring. Braided bezel setting. Repair work.

pendant-studyThe idea is five silver barrels joined by a sterling silver bar (2 mm thick, 6 cm length), threaded on a silver necklace.

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