German warrior ring

I saw this fascinating article from Science Magazine, ‘Slaughter at the bridge: Uncovering a colossal Bronze Age battle’, about an archaeological dig in northern Germany that seems to have been the site of a pre-historic battle.

One of the images was of some of the artifacts that the men at the battle site carried:

I thought that the bronze ring in the center looked very nice:

Warrior-ring So I have made a copy from sterling silver (5 grams):

I used hollow tubing, since I did not have any large-gauge solid round wire on hand. It was simple to make, but it did not occur to me until after I had fashioned it that I had made it backwards – If you look closely, it is actually the mirror image of the one in the article. I am left-handed and just made the ring the way that feels most natural to me, so this makes me think that the person who made the original might have been right-handed.


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