Kiddush Cup

Argentium (93.5%) silver and 14K (585) gold. 82g.

I have used the same design concept here as with the silver cup and reliquary pendant. This is a kiddush cup – a cup used by Jews to celebrate Shabbat. I am becoming increasingly interested in the use of silver for religious purposes. This is the first kiddush cup I know of based on a Catholic reliquary.

For decoration, I used an old gold ring that I bought at jeweler’s shop and then hammered into a large enough size to fit around the perimeter.

In designing this cup, I learned that Jewish religious law requires a kiddush cup to be at least one revi’it in volume, though there seems to be disagreement as to how large this is. The minimum size, according to Wikipedia, seems to be 90.7 ml and I wanted to keep it as small (and, therefore, simple) as possible, so that is the size I aimed for.

To work out the size and proportion, I made a variety of paper prototypes. If you look closely, you can see the kiddush cup and the previous smaller silver cup I made in there too.


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