Incense Holder Prototype

I am thinking to make a sterling silver incense stick holder. I have seen long wooden boxes that are used for storing incense sticks and also for holding an individual stick while it is burning. My plan is for a device that only can hold the stick while it is burning – Maybe a storage box will be a future project. My idea was simply to bend a piece of silver into a S-shape and drill a small hole in one end through which the incense stick can be placed. The ashes are supposed to fall into the bowed portion at the other end of the holder.

Rather than waste silver, I made a simple prototype from 16-gauge copper sheet. I didn’t even drill a hole in the end – I just held the incense stick in place with some black electrical tape.


I like the simplicity of the design, but the holder is so short that the incense stick gets held at a very high angle, nearly vertical. So, the ashes do no fall onto the holder. I think I will need to revise the design somehow before I actually fabricate this from silver.


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