Ways to Be Creative

I am compiling a list of the different ways I can think of to be creative. Here’s what I’ve come up with:


1. Be 100% New

In the description of their history, El Bulli, one of the highest-rated restaurants in the world, quotes French chef Jacques Maximin who said Creativity means not copying.


2. Remix

Everything is a Remix is an excellent video series on the importance of derivative works and recombinations in the creative process.


3. Copy, But Modify

This is how evolution works.


4. Copy Perfectly

Adam Savage from Mythbusters gave a great talk on making a copy of the statuette from The Maltese Falcon and it shows how much creativity there is in trying to produce a specific, well-established end goal.


  1. Deligh-ted

    Apply concepts from completely unrelated domains, i.e. other fields of experience, to the thing you are trying to be creative about. This is where generalists can sometimes have the opportunity to beat specialists; they have a much wider toolkit of concepts to apply.

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