Not a lot of diversity in some Google images

I looked on Google Image Search for the term “baby” and saw results like the following.

(click image to enlarge)

Not a lot of diversity here. Of 41 images, only about 6 depict infants who are clearly non-white.

Using proxy servers, I repeated the search for “baby” on (Google’s page for India) from a server in India (Actually, the image above is from Google’s India site), on from a server in Singapore, from a server in Norway, and some other countries where English is popular.

The results all look substantially the same as the ones above (in fact, including most of the images that appear above).

It does not seem too difficult for Google to analyze the color content of each image and provide at least one image of a kid who is, you know, black or something. (For the record, Bing’s results aren’t much different.)

This would be a useful feature for images of people who are not babies, and for images that aren’t of people, too.


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