My SAAB Story

I noticed that the automaker Saab has filed for bankruptcy. They’re famous for their ‘quirky’ design (like having the ignition being in the center console) and I owned one, briefly.

Starting one day, whenever I turned the ignition, the car’s electronic display would say something like “LOW WIPER FLUID LEVEL”.

It was like this for a few days, but I didn’t worry about it. I’d just pick up some wiper fluid the next chance I got. You could make the message go away by pushing the ‘Clear’ button, but the message would come back each time the car was restarted. So, I just didn’t worry about it.

Then, one day I was driving along and noticed the engine temperature was very high. Steam started pouring out from under the hood and I quickly pulled over to the side of the road.

Sitting there beside the road, wondering what was going on, I noticed the warning message that said: “LOW WIPER FLUID LEVEL”. I pushed the ‘Clear’ button to see what would happen.

A new message appeared that said: “NO ENGINE COOLANT”.

Call me crazy, but it seems that a catastrophic loss of engine coolant would have been worthy of overriding the low wiper fluid message.

So, you can be upset about the bankruptcy of Saab all you want, but personally, I prefer my cars to be of the non-quirky kind from now on.


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