News from the Future

Some people get upset by sensationalistic and trivial news (like, “Khloe Kardashian Loses a Shoe!”) or by people who forward photos of cats with captions on them, but I don’t.

I read this amazing fact which I still find difficult to comprehend: In the United Kingdom, the food rationing program that was implemented during World War II did not fully end until 1954 – Nine years after the fighting ended. And they won the war!

Flash forward 50 years and what was one of the biggest concerns of people in the UK about their food? Its carbon footprint.

Brief recap: In 1944 Brits were asking themselves, “Will we have any dinner tonight?” In 1954, it was “Will we have enough dinner tonight?” And in 2004 the question was, “What impact does my choice of dinner have on polar bears who live in the Arctic?”

Don’t get me wrong: I realize that there are plenty of people suffering around the world. And I realize that the people who get upset about celebrity news are often upset in part because they see topics that they consider far more important that could have been broadcast instead.

But the fact that some people today have the ability to spend some time thinking about people and animals far away, and photoshopping captions on top of them, I find reassuring, in a way. And personally I’d prefer a future where the news is fluff instead of wars and hunger.


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