Keyword – AdText Agreement? No Big Deal

One bit of advice that pay-per-click (PPC) marketing ‘experts’ frequently spout is to make certain that the Google AdWords keyword you’re bidding on (or, at least, one similar to it) appears in your ad.

The rationale is that Google will give your ad a higher Quality Score if the ad text is closely related to the keyword. Google supposedly uses their language processing algorithms to detect how “good” the ad is, and rewards it accordingly.

Well, here’s an interesting ad I saw today for the query “apple imac 220V cable”:

(click image to enlarge)

The title of the ad is simply ‘J’ and the text is a phone number and some assorted gibberish. The ad is in position 4.

I saw the same ad a week later but without the telephone number and with the number ’11’ in place of the ‘6’. In that case, the ad was in position 3.

Maybe the ad would have gotten a better Quality Score had the ad text been better. Maybe this is just a short-term test and the ad is actually losing a lot of money. But it certainly makes we wonder how good ad text really needs to be to rank highly in Google’s ad results – Not very good, it seems.


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