ACM t-shirt

When I attended the Association for Computing Machinery’s 2009 conference on Electronic Commerce at Stanford University, they gave me a t-shirt with this ‘word cloud’ design on the front:

(click image to enlarge)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard phrases like ‘Bayes-Nash equilibrium’ and ‘Pareto-optimal solutions’ at academic conferences related to search engine marketing.

And, how rarely I’ve heard those phrases at SEM industry conference by practicing marketers. “Hey Jim, the client wants to make certain that the Pareto-optimal Bayes-Nash equilibrium they saw in their weekly performance report conforms to collusion-resistant protocols.”

Yeah, there’s a phrase I’ve never heard a PPC marketer utter.

From what I can tell, there couldn’t be a greater disconnect between the market-making research being done in academia and the profit-maximizing work being done in industry.

There are precious few people who can bridge this gap. But there should be many more.


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