Google Translate Adds Features

Google Translate added a couple of features, I’ve noticed:

(1) There’s now a little ‘keyboard’ icon in the bottom-right of the text entry box to allow people to enter characters that might not be on their computer/phone/device’s keyboard.

(2) Translate now offers the ‘Did you mean’ feature found on Google Search.

(3) The ‘Listen’ feature has become able to / gotten much smoother in speaking Norwegian, Arabic, Danish, Finnish, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Latin, and some other languages, it seems.

(4) Finally, Google has added a means to change the translation that it used, though no indication is made that this feature even exists. To suggest a translation, you have to click on the translated word for a drop-down box to appear.

(click image to enlarge)

It’s not clear from the ‘Use’ button whether this will cause the alternate translation to be used only for you, for all Translate users, or what. But it’s very interesting to see.


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