Google Updates Bid Simulator

Google has updated their Bid Simulator feature with some new functionality. The biggest change is that they now include a column called ‘Estimated Top Impr.‘, which estimates the number of impressions an ad will receive in the promoted positions above the organic results, rather than in the right-hand stile.

(click image to enlarge)

Google has experimented over the past year or so with the number of columns they display in the BS and what exactly those columns are. They have previously provided estimates of the ‘average position’ and the ‘incremental cost per click’.

Now, it seems, they are showing the estimated number of ‘top impressions’ – although I’m not certain if this feature will stick around either, since it is not currently supported by their Bid Simulator API. (More about ‘Top Impressions’ on Google’s Help Pages.)

Another recent change to the BS is that, now, mousing over any row in the table of numbers causes that row and its corresponding point on the Cost-vs-Clicks graph to be highlighted, faintly, in a light gray color. (Likewise, mousing over a point on the graph causes its corresponding row to be highlighted.) As previously, actually selecting a possible bid causes the row and corresponding point to be highlighted in faint yellow.


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