Google’s New Dilemma

The rollout of Google Instant has created a dilemma the search giant will likely have to tackle in the near future. Now, new search results are presented with each keystroke, and also predictive suggestions are given.

Here’s the dilemma that creates: To encourage search queries to be as descriptive as possible, the search query bar must be quite long. But to offer suggestions, Google is using a dropdown box, much of which is normally blank. And it’s taking up prime real estate which could have otherwise been used to show sponsored or natural listings.

(click to enlarge)

This dropdown box takes up the space of approximately two paid or organic listings and the white space currently serves no purpose other than to offer an ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ link for each search suggestion.

I get the feeling that the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ links are only presently offered because Google engineers haven’t figured out how to productively use that space yet.


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