Google Instant: Some Tweaks Required

Google Instant’s interface is proving a compelling new way to interact with the search engine, but the more I use it the more little quirks I’m noticing.

For example, here’s a screenshot of what Google looks like after I typed “buy aer lingus vouchers”:

(click to enlarge)

Strangely, the suggestion box says I should consider searching for “buy aer lingus vouchers”…which is exactly what I have typed! Also, oddly, the ‘Show more results…’ link is purple even though I haven’t click on it. (Another similar link further down the results page was also purple prior to being clicked on.)

For no good reason, I clicked on the suggested search (which is exactly the same as my current search) and the search suggestion box simply disappeared, looking like:

(click to enlarge)

But now an interesting question arises: what will happen when I click the ‘Search’ button? Presumably, Instant has already given me the results for my query.

Sure enough, clicking the ‘Search’ button does…absolutely nothing! What an interesting side effect: By updating my results with each keystroke when I do a search, when I am done typing, there’s no need for me to click ‘Search’ at all.


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