Google Finance ‘Large Chart’ button

Google Finance has added a new ‘Large Chart’ button. Click to make the graph larger. Click again to reduce back to original size.

I don’t know when this feature appeared, but I first noticed it today.


  1. Bytefield

    It was a great feature while it lasted. It disappeared last week, replaced by a useless More button.

    I loved being able to expand the chart to full screen.

    • Thanks for pointing this out. You’re right – it seems that the ‘large chart’ button is gone now. The best work-around I have found so far is to simply zoom in (Type the ‘command’ key and then the ‘+’ sign on a Mac).

      The ‘more’ link was there even when the ‘large chart’ button was present, though. (In fact, you can see the ‘more’ link in my screenshot above).

  2. Bytefield

    I also use zoom as a workaround, although it’s nowhere as nice as it was before, zoom makes surrounding text huge.

    On Windows, you can zoom with the scroll wheel while holding down Ctrl.

    It was much more convenient to just click the Large Chart button. I could maximize the window on one monitor and see it from across the room.

    Wonder why Google removed it–maybe because it hid the revenue-generating news stories?

  3. Bytefield

    Large chart button is back this morning, yea!

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