Like a 10-Watt Bulb

I stumbled across this post today by Christopher Hitchens called ‘What I learned about Hugo Chavez’ mental health‘.

Here’s all you need to know about Chavez’s mental capacity: In September 2006 Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez spoke before the UN General Assembly in New York and at the beginning of the speech held up a copy of a book by Noam Chomsky, recommending it for all to read.

“It’s an excellent book to help us understand what has been happening in the world throughout the 20th century,” he said, “and what’s happening now, and the greatest threat looming over our planet.”

It’s Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance. But look closely at the cover. It’s the spanish translation “Hegemonia o Supervivencia”, not the original.

So think about that: Hugo Chavez is given the opportunity to speak before the UN General Assembly about the evils of America and decided to recommend a book for everyone who heard his voice to read. Does he find a Venezuelan author to promote? Perhaps a professor of political science in Venezuela? No. Isn’t there a book or brochure written by his own party, titled something like ‘Why We’re Socialist America-Haters…And Why You Should Be Too’? No. Does he even send an aide to a book store in New York to pick up a copy in the original language? Nope, the best book a man who hates the US and hates Israel is able to find is the spanish translation of a book written by a Jewish American.

That means that even in the field of Anti-Americanism, Americans win. The best book on the dangers of American power (according to Hugo Chavez): a book by an American. What a pathetic little man he is.


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