Is This a Joke?

I posted a couple of days ago about Nuance Communications, makers of Dragon Naturally Speaking software. Having visited their website, I am now seeing ads of theirs ‘re-targeted’ (as it’s called) at other websites, like this one at The Huffington Post:

I’ve seen this ad 3 times now, once with an Asian-looking woman (I think – I guess she could be South American. I’m not really certain), once with a middle-aged white man, and once with a young white male.

OK, is this some sort of joke? A speech recognition software company making an ad with garbled text on it.

I’m not using any strange settings on my browser, or any special plug-ins or anything else different from the day I took the computer out of the box a couple of months ago. So, the problem here is no fault of mine. Even if the ad’s text has been garbled by the browser (1) I haven’t seen this problem in any other ad ever and (2) even if the text above was ungarbled, there would not be enough space with a solid-colored background to display it all. If you think the problem is my browser, then I ask where is the white text ‘supposed’ to be?

And you wonder why I’d never own their stock…


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