Car Talk

Today I finally got rid of a car I’ve had for 4,463 days. It had 168,698 miles on it, or 37.8 miles/day, on average.

The purchase price was $17,626.84. All the repairs, oil changes, inspections and so forth totaled $9,284.26. (I might have lost a slip or two, since I have lived at 9 addresses in that time.)

It averaged 27.1 miles/gallon, so it must have used about 6,225 gallons of gas. In 1998, gasoline averaged $1.03 per gallon. For a while it was nearly $4.00. This month, it’s about $2.79. So, if the average price was $2/gallon, then gas has cost about $12,500.

If insurance was about $700/year, then that cost about $8,400.

I haven’t kept track of other incidentals like parking, local taxes, car washes, oil, washer fluid, headlight bulbs, AAA membership, the time spent in car repair shops and at the motor vehicle registry offices and so forth. But even so, all the things I listed above already add up to just under $50,000. Or, around $11/day.

All to go about as far as light travels in one second.


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