Google Hotel, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

I went to Google Maps, zoomed in on Mountain View, California (where Google’s headquarters, the “Googleplex” is located) and did a search for ‘googleplex’. I saw the following results:

(click to enlarge)

Under the word ‘googleplex‘ on the left-hand side, there are boxes to select a check-in date and number of nights. Huh? Is Google running a hotel now?

If I do a search for an actual hotel in Mountain View, like ‘Hotel Zico’, I see the same two boxes, but entering a check-in date or changing the number of nights doesn’t seem to actually do anything (except reload the text ads). There’s no button to click that says ‘Go’ or ‘Make Reservation’ or anything like that, and I don’t get redirected to the hotel’s website.

What’s going on here? It looks like Google has some sort of feature in mind, but they are really bungling its implementation.


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