What’s Jim Cramer?

I saw this ad for Jim Cramer’s TheStreet.com on Google Finance today:

Why do graphic designers do this crap? The word ‘the’ is in all caps and underlined. I’ve seen so many ads like this I’ve lost count of the number. Why in the world would anyone want to emphasize the word ‘the’ in their ad?

Jim Cramer is known (and wants to be known) as a stock-trading expert. The important word here is ‘expert‘. You want viewers of the ad, even if they don’t click on the ad, to remember the word ‘expert’ and associate the word ‘expert’ with Jim Cramer.

If one of your target audience members is asleep in their bed at night and you sneak into their bedroom and whisper into their ear, “Who’s a stock-trading expert?” You want them to snort and roll over and mumble, “Jim Cramer.”

And if you then whisper “What’s Jim Cramer?” into their other ear, you want them to roll back in the other direction and mumble, “He’s an expert.” So why emphasize the word ‘the’?

If you want to be known as the car parts headquarters of the world, emphasize ‘car parts‘, not ‘the’ nor ‘of’ nor ‘world’. If you’re the only shop in town that sells organic ice cream, emphasize ‘organic ice cream‘, not ‘the’ nor ‘in’ nor ‘only’.

Here, check out this crappy Photoshop I made. (I realize the kerning and font choice and everything sucks, but bear with me):

Doesn’t that make, like, a thousand times more sense than emphasizing ‘the’? Well, doesn’t it?


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