Meet the Ladyslippers

I’d like to introduce you to a couple of Silver Fox rabbits, Charlotte (on the right) and Fern (on the left).

I call them ‘The Ladyslippers’ (or, just ‘The Slippers’ for short), since they often lie side by side, nuzzling each other. Both were born in April and get fresh scraps from the garden each day.

They got a new place to live earlier this week, with a wide mesh floor that sits on the ground so that they can eat fresh grass each day, an enclosed nesting box and a shaded patio, ice-cooled air conditioning, tall enough to stand up in and wide and long enough for each rabbit to pass each other jumping four or five times in each direction.

Not bad for a couple of ladies who just sit around most of the day, lying side by side and nuzzling each other.


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