What’s a Chickway?

You met Feisty on Tuesday in my post Featherweight in a photo taken when s/he was just one day old.

Feisty hatched on Wednesday, June 23 and the photo was from Thursday, the 24th’s, weigh-in. 42 grams.

Here’s a graph of Feisty’s weight each day, measured at 6:00pm (except June 29 and June 30, when the weigh-in was at 8:00pm).I have not included error bars on the graph, but the electric scale I used is accurate to plus or minus 0.5 grams.

The masses each day so far are: 42, 49, 61, 76, 96, 110, 133 and 151 grams, for a growth rate of about 20% per day.

An adult bird can weigh about 2,000 grams, so Feisty still has quite a way to go.


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