Gardener Armor

Here’s an idea of mine that will probably never get made: I call it ‘Gardener Armor’. It would be a lightweight, comfortable, protective suit for people who work outdoors frequently.

Image a jumpsuit. (As I envision it, the jumpsuit would be the major article of clothing. It would not be intended to go over other clothing.) It would have pockets built into the shins and forearms into which hard plastic pads would be inserted. Buckles at the knees could hold kneepads. Maybe it would have a toolbelt, too.

The suit would be useful for gardeners, weekend lumberjacks and other people who frequently get dirty/scraped/bruised working around the yard and woods. It would be durable, so that people wouldn’t have to keep old jeans and old t-shirts for yardwork. The pads would help protect from cuts and scrapes and they would be removable/detachable so that the suit could be hosed down and hung to dry, or run through the washing machine. Maybe it could be made with elastic cuffs and insect-repellent materials to help keep away mosquitoes and ticks.

The biggest problem, I think, would be to make it both rugged/durable and lightweight/breathable. Oh, and also that anyone would look like a total dork wearing it.


  1. Bradd, the product already exists. It’s called Gardener’s Armor, . It is better than a jumpsuit because it protects all exposed skin. It just can’t portect your clothes. You may want to check it out. My whole family uses it every day and we are beyond satisfied.

  2. Robert,

    This sounds very interesting. I had never heard of it before and it seems like a good way to keep pests, sunburn and poison ivy rash away.

    My idea was for a piece of clothing that would do the same, and also keep me from having to toss out old t-shirts I had ruined from outdoor work.

    But maybe if someone ever manufactured my jumpsuit idea, a good soaking in Gardeners’ Armor lotion would help, too.

    Best regards,

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