The Problem with DoubleClick

DoubleClick is a malware manufacturer bought by Google in 2008. Their flagship product is a platform called DART, which helps to serve ads to web surfers and report their effectiveness to advertisers.

The fact that they make malware doesn’t bother me so much, since Adaware and Symantec can block them, and the definition of ‘malware’, of course, if subjective.

What bothers me about DoubleClick is their name. ‘DoubleClick’ sounds like a cool tech name and the use of Camel Case seals the deal.

But here’s the root of the problem: DoubleClick helps to serve ads online. But users don’t double-click on ads, they single-click on them.

You can double-click on an icon to launch the application. You can double-click on a folder to open it. But you single-click on buttons. You single-click on hyperlinks. And you single-click on advertisements.

I’m not saying that they should have called their company ‘SingleClick’. All I’m saying is that calling an ad company ‘DoubleClick’ is an admission that ‘we have given absolutely no thought to how digital advertising traffic actually works…and we hope that you haven’t either’.


  1. mark coble

    Hey I like the blog. reads great. Do you use Twitter as well?

  2. Thanks for the feedback. My Twitter ID is @bradd_libby.

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