Why I’ve Started Blogging

I’ve been blogging at The Search Agents for about a year and at Search Engine Land for a few months. At both places, I write primarily about digital marketing. In the past month or so, I’ve been writing this personal blog as a place to write about other subjects.

I’d like to offer some reasons why I have started blogging:

1. Ideas are cheap. If I only had a few ideas, I’d probably guard them jealously. But I have a lot of ideas, and most of them aren’t very good or unique, so they’re not worth much each. Might as well give them away.

2. To get feedback. It’s easy to go down the wrong path for a long time with a bad idea. Perhaps by making them public, I can get feedback before it’s too late.

3. To force myself to learn and to explain my thinking. It’s easy to convince yourself that you understand something until you to try to explain something to someone else.

4. It’s fun. As HuffingtonPost founder Arianna Huffington said, “Self-expression is the new entertainment.” An hour watching TV is nowhere near as interesting as an hour spent blogging.

5. To keep a record of open notes. Sometimes, when I want to explain something to someone, I need to graph a graph or search for a picture on the web. Now, I’m pooling all of those things together in one place where I can find them when I need them.

6. I can. There are nearly 7 billion people on Earth. Realistically, less than 10% of them are conceivably able to blog on a regular basis. Of those, only a small fraction have ever done so, or blog on a regular basis. I feel incredibly lucky to even be able to do something as narcissistic and generous as writing open letters to no-one in particular.

7. To turn you into me. This reason is selfish and I realize that. Each time I convince you that one of my ideas is worth remembering, I turn a little piece of your brain into a copy of a little piece of my brain.

8. To clear out dead wood from my head. I’ve thought about things like the Malcolm’s Gladwell’s assessment of the Amadou Diallo shooting and The Enron debacle for years, but have had few opportunities to explain my reasoning. With this blog, I can. And then I don’t have to think about them anymore.

There are probably other reasons I’ve started, too, but if you don’t blog, I hope the ones listed above are sufficient to convince you to begin doing so as well.


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