The Magical and Revolutionary MacPad

Here’s a simple idea that came to me: Take the MacBook laptop and make it with a detachable, touch-sensistive screen.

(Forgive my terrible photoshopping skills.)

The base would have a keyboard, big hard drive, high-end processor, etc.  (Probably no touchpad for navigation, since the screen would be touch-sensitive). The screen would basically be an iPad which would work as a screen when docked to the base, and as an independent device when undocked.

Travelling for a few days and need a laptop with the ability to do spreadsheets and documents, etc.? Bring the whole device.

Going to the park for the day and only want a device to read a book or browse some websites? Bring just the screen.

The device would need most of the hardware of both a MacBook and an iPad, but since one currently retails for about $1200 and the other for about $600, Apple could make this for under $2000.

I’m guessing they thought this up a long, long time ago, though.


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