Missing the Concept

I often shop at my Local Supermarket, but when I’m looking for something out of the ordinary, no place beats the Hippy Dippy Marketplace (not its actual name). They sell skyr.

Next to the roll of plastic vegetable bags there’s this sign:

If you can’t see the image, the sign says:

“This Bag is Made of Post Industrial Recycled Material Which is Made From Natural Gas, Not Crude Oil!

There are only two possibilities I see here:

(1) Plastic bags made from natural gas are somehow significantly environmentally superior to plastic bags made from crude oil. (If this is the case, perhaps describing why this is so, and to what degree, would have been helpful.)

(2) The people who put this sign up either don’t realize the connection between crude oil and natural gas, or, are hoping that their customers don’t.

Either way, I think that the oil and gas industry would be better off renaming crude oil to be ‘organic oil‘. Technically, that label would be correct. And, it would make them look better in the eyes of the sort of people who deliberately choose plastic bags made from natural gas over ones made from oil on environmental grounds.

Update, 14 May 2010: Stopped by Hippy Dippy Marketplace. The sign is now gone.


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